If you as a tourist or visitor get ill



Dalarna County Council

Box 712 S-791 29 Falun, Sweden 023-49 00 00 landstinget.dalarna@ltdalarna.se

Non emergency health care – call 1177 or the local health care centre

You can always call 1177 the Health Care Guide Call Centre for guidance about health care. You can also visit http://www.1177.se/ to get advice. Health Care Guide Call Centre 1177 is open around the clock. If you are visiting Dalarna and in need of health care, you can also visit the local healthcare clinic. Visit www.ltdalarna.se/vardcentraler to learn about opening hours and phone numbers.

Emergency health care – call 1177 before you go to the closest Emergency Room

When you are in need of immediate health care, call 1177 the Health Care Guide Call Centre prior to going to the Emergency Room. Visit www.ltdalarna.se/akutsjukvard to learn about locations of the available Emergency Rooms.

Emergency situation – call 112

If you are in an emergency situation where you or significant others are in need of immediate help, call 112.