Patient fees for appointments at health care facilities



Dalarna County Council

Box 712 S-791 29 Falun, Sweden 023-49 00 00

Children and young people under the age of 20 are treated free of charge, with the exception of certificates and health and wellness training. For certificates, vaccinations and other preventive care, fees are charged according to a special price list.

Medical servicePrice
Doctor's appointment, primary care 200 kronor
Specialist consultation 350 kronor
Sterilization on non-medical grounds
(not covered by fee capping scheme)

1300 kronor

Additional fees
Additional fee for home visit by doctor 50 kronor
Additional fee for appoint with doctor on emergency duty 50 kronor

Telephone advice requiring action by a doctor such as a prescription

100 kronor
Therapeutic treatment (e.g. physiotherapist, district nurse)
-individual 150 kronor
-additional fee for home visit 50 kronor
-group therapy (gymnasium, swimming pool) 100 kronor
-before/after appointment 150 kronor
- in an emergency 0 kronor
Sample taking
before or during a doctor's appointment 0 kronor
as part of a follow-up procedure 150 kronor
Specific health check
mammography and gynaecology 150 kronor
appliances, per item issued 150 kronor
per hearing aid 500 kronor
Late cancelled or missed appointments*
Out-patient facility, for all appointments invoice fee will be charged 300 kronor + invoice fee
Invoicing fee
missed appointment* 50 kronor
invoicing abroad (including emergency appointments and inpatient care) 200 kronor
In-patient care (fee per 24 hour period)
children and young people below the age of 20 0 kronor
20 years old and above 100 kronor
Ambulance fee
ambulance call-out fee (ambulance fees are not included in the fee capping scheme) 200 kronor

* By late cancellation is meant cancellation less than 24 hours prior to an appointment. Fees are not charged if the cause is your own or your child's sudden illness.