Dalarna County Council

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Vaccination against influenza

Dalarna County Council provides vaccination against influenza free of charge if you are more than 65 years old or belong to a particular defined risk group.

Contact your health care centre to discover if you belong to any risk group.

The following fees apply:

 Below the age of 65 and not in a risk group65 years and above and/or in a risk group
Influenza vaccine 280 kr 0 kr
Pneumococcus vaccine (same visit) 175 kr 175 kr

The Free Pass is not valid for these appointments, and you will not get a stamp in your fee capping card if you have one.

You can book an appointment for vaccination at your health care centre.

Vaccination against the HPV virus

HPV virus is a common cause of cervical cancer and also causes genital warts.


Vaccine2 682 kr (894 kr per dose) fee capping scheme does not apply
Doctor’s appointment 300 kr
Prescription fee* 250 kr
Injection 250 kr/dose

The fee capping scheme for medication applies to women aged 18-26. For girls under 18 the vaccination is free. For those born 1999 or later, the vaccination is given by the school health care provider.

You can get a prescription and vaccination if you contact your health care centre or gynaecological clinic.

* A prescription fee is only paid if you were given your prescription by telephone, i.e. without seeing a doctor. The first injection is free, if you present a receipt for the prescription fee.