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Dalarna County Council

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AB Dalatrafik on behalf Dalarna County Council is responsible for patient travel, applications and reimbursements.

AB Dalatrafik on behalf Dalarna County Council is responsible for patient travel, applications and reimbursements.

Information about patient travel.

What is patient travel?

Journeys that are not reimbursed

Who is entitled to reimbursement?

Your responsibility

Public transport

Patient travel using a private car

Patient travel using special public transport, taxi, patient travel bus


Personal contributions

Payment capping

Application for travel reimbursement

Payment of travel reimbursement

Useful information about travelling companions, referrals to other health care providers, etc.

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What is travel for patients?

We reimburse the cost of travel for patients throughout the entire county to the county council’s treatment units and private caregivers who have contracts with the county council. Usually this means visits to doctors, dentists and physiotherapists. Reimbursements are paid for travel between your residence (the address where you are registered) and hospitals or the health care centre to which you belong in accordance with Dalarna County Council’s regulations concerning travel for patients.

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Journeys that are not reimbursed

No reimbursement is made when you choose a health care provider outside Dalarna County Council as a result of a referral to another health care provider.

Neither is any reimbursement made for journeys to and from

  • health care check-ups such as mammography, gynaecological check-ups, certificate of health, vaccinations
  • visits to antenatal clinics, child welfare centres
  • health and wellness activities (swimming or physiotherapy)
  • private opticians
  • hair dressers (fitting of wigs or toupees)

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Who is entitled to reimbursement?

Patients whose registered domicile is in Dalarna county can be reimbursed for their travel in accordance with the current regulations.

Patients who are asylum seekers with a valid LMA-card (LMA = reception of asylum seekers act) are entitled to reimbursement for travel.

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Your responsibility

Patients are responsible for getting to appointments on time. If bus or train time tables make this difficult, try to change the time of your appointment.

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Public transport

Busses or trains

You are entitled to reimbursement when using public transport (busses and trains). When travelling on Dalatrafik’s busses to hospitals or health care centres, you can travel free if you show the driver your appointment booking (“kallelse”). When you travel home show the driver your patient receipt.

If you do not wish to show the driver your appointment booking or do not have one, you can pay for a bus ticket and then send the bus ticket and the patient receipt to Dalatrafik, who will then reimburse the cost of your ticket.

When travelling on trains in Bergslagen, book your ticket in advance at BC Dalarna. If your choose to pay for your train ticket, send your ticket together with your patient receipt to Dalatrafik, who will then reimburse the cost of your ticket. If you are going to a series of treatments over an extended period of time, you can obtain a season ticket from BC Dalarna valid for all your journeys. A statement from the doctor responsible for your treatment specifying the length of treatment, is necessary.

If you travel with a bus company other than Dalatrafik or on SJ trains, you must first buy your own ticket. Send the ticket and your patient receipt to Dalatrafik and they will reimburse you. You will only be reimbursed for second class travel.

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Patients travelling in private cars

Patients travelling over the county border to hospitals in other counties will only be recompensed for the cost of public transport, irrespective of waiting time, travelling time or the distance to the closest bus stop or train station. Tickets must be enclosed with your application.

A mileage allowance for travel in a private car will be paid for that part of the journey which exceeds 55 kilometres one way between your residence and the health care facility visited. Compensation for travel with a private car within the county will be paid if there is no public transport, i.e. if the distance between your residence and the closest station or bus stop is more than 3 kilometres, and the distance to the closest conurbation having a bus or train station is more than 20 kilometres.

You’ll be expected, if necessary, to arrive up to two hours before your appointment, if using public transport.

If you have to wait more than two hours after your appointment until public transport departs from your closest bus stop or train station towards your place of residence, you may be reimbursed for travel using a private car.

If a single journey using public transport takes more than one hour, including changes, than the equivalent journey using a private car (according to the National Road Administration’s maps as given by Eniro for example) you may receive reimbursement for travel in a private car.

When you are unable to use public transport, due to temporary or permanent disability, you will be reimbursed for travel in a private car, if you enclose with your application a written statement issued and attested by qualified staff at the health care facility you have visited.

The time taken for a journey using public transport does NOT include the time needed to get to the closest stop within 3 kilometres from your residence. Neither does this include the time needed to get to the closest bus or train station within 20 kilometres from your residence.

No compensation is paid for parking tickets, congestion charges or any other expenses.

In no other cases than those listed above will compensation be paid for travel in a private car.

Applications for journeys shorter than 55 kilometres will not be considered.

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Travel for patients using special public transport

Travel for patients using taxis/special vehicles

Travel for patients using taxis is primarily a service for patients with disabilities or those who for other medical reasons cannot travel on public transport. When transport using a taxi or special vehicle is needed, qualified staff at the facility you are visiting must confirm on the sick travel form that you cannot travel on public transport for medical, physical or mental reasons. This applies to all journeys to and from all facilities.

Please remember that it is not the order centre (BC Dalarna) that decides if Dalarna County Council will pay for a taxi journey. It is always the facility you visit that evaluates any need and decides if you can make your journey using a taxi or special vehicle paid for by Dalarna County Council.

If BC Dalarna books a taxi at your request and the facility visited does not grant a patient journey as specified above, you’ll receive an invoice for entire cost of the taxi journey exceeding the standard personal fee (“egenavgift”). Exceptions to this rule will be made if BC Dalarna decides that public transport was not available at the time.

Travelling by taxi means that you are obliged to accept sharing a vehicle with others, even if this means taking a different route and a longer journey time. You must also accept that BC Dalarna will decide which vehicles are used and at what times the journeys will be made. No exceptions will be made from these rules.

Contact BC Dalarna to book your patient journey in plenty of time before your appointment! If you book your order in any other way, you will have to pay the cost of it yourself. You are personally responsible for submitting your attested application “Application for patient travel reimbursement” (Ansökan om sjukreseersättning) for journeys using taxi or special vehicle to Dalatrafik no later than 10 days after the date you made the journey.

If you do not submit an application form confirming your journey using a taxi or special vehicle, you will be invoiced for the entire cost of the taxi journey exceeding the standard personal fee (egenavgift).

Send patient travel forms to:

Trafikadministration, Sjukresor
Box 833, 781 28 Borlänge

Mark the envelope »TAXI«.


If you have any feedback about your patient journey using a taxi or special vehicle booked via BC Dalarna, ring customer service on 0774-44 00 10 or ask the driver you travel with for a feedback card, which you can send free of charge to Dalatrafik, Trafikadministration, Sjukresor.

Patient travel using the special hospital bus route

There is a special hospital bus route to and from the Academic Hospital in Uppsala and the Löwenströmska Hospital in Upplands Väsby.

The special hospital bus route operates week days, Mondays to Fridays, starting in Mora:

Mora-Rättvik-Leksand-Djurås-Borlänge-Falun-Hedemora-Avesta to the Academic Hospital and the Löwenströmska Hospital.

Qualified nursing staff will be on the bus. Travel on the bus is free of charge. Book your journey with BC Dalarna no later than 18.00 the day before you travel.

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Means of transportReimbursement
Bus Cost of ticket
Train Cost of ticket
Private car, irrespective of number of passengers 1,85 kr per kilometre for any part of the journey exceeding 55 kilometres, single journey


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 Standard personal fees

Means of transportStandard personal fee per single journey
Special hospital bus route No fee
Taxi/special vehicle 150 kr *)
Aeroplane 100 kr

 * Pay your standard personal fee in cash to the driver and keep the receipt

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Fee capping

You do not need to pay more than 2 400 kr in standard personal fees for your patient journeys during a twelve month period. This is done automatically. There is no need to send receipts to Dalatrafik.

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Application for travel reimbursement

When you have paid for a train or bus ticket, or are entitled to reimbursement for travel in a private car, in accordance with the applicable regulations, you will be reimbursed, if you send in an application with information about your journey. You will be give a form at the health care centre or hospital in the course of your visit. Applications must be received within twelve months of the commencement of your journey, or no reimbursement will be made.

Please note! When you apply reimbursement for your patient journey, you must always enclose your patient receipt, the tickets and if requested a copy of a valid referral.

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Payment of travel reimbursement

Payments are made via the banking system. Payments are only made if the amount exceeds 50 kr. A fee of 50 kr is charged when money orders are not cashed and a new payment has to be made.

Applications, tickets and patient receipts should be sent to:

Trafikadministration, Sjukresor
Box 833

781 28 Borlänge

Letters sent without stamps will not be collected at the post office.

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Useful information

Travelling companion

If you need help on your journey, a travelling companion can accompany you free of charge. However, a certificate is required from you health care provider. No certificate is needed for patients under 20 years of age accompanied by a parent. Travelling companions must board and alight at the same place as the patient.

Referrals to other health care providers

When patients choose care and treatment from another county board than Dalarna after a freedom of health care choice referral has been issued, patients must pay for travel cost themselves.

Specialist treatment outside the county and treatment guarantee

If you are given a referral for specialist treatment, or a referral in accordance with the treatment guarantee, to hospitals outside Dalarna, you will be reimbursed for the cost of public transport, i.e. bus or train. For travel using a taxi or special vehicle or travel in a private car a certificate from the care unit in Dalarna that issued the referral is required.

Illness outside the county

If you fall ill outside Dalarna county, you will be reimbursed for patient travel to the closest care unit in the county council where you are. You will not be reimbursed for travel home to Dalarna.

Patient travel by aeroplane

Patient travel by aeroplane is only granted if a special certificate is issued by the care unit in Dalarna that referred the patient.

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If you wish to know more

If you want more information about reimbursement for patient travel, write to Dalatrafik, Trafikadministration, Sjukresor, Box 833, 781 28 Borlänge, or phone 0243-625 90. Lines are open Monday to Friday 10-12. You can also get information via e-mail. Write to:

For information about bus and train times in Dalarna, contact Dalatrafik customer service. Telephone 0771-959595 or log on to our home page:

Bookings for train tickets (not SJ), the patient transport bus route and patient journeys by taxi or special vehicles should be made by phoning BC Dalarna: 0774-44 00 00.

When you book your journey, BC Dalarna will need to know the following:

  • your civic registration number (personnummer) and telephone number
  • if you cannot use public transport for medical reasons
  • your home address
  • which care unit you are going to
  • the time of your doctor’s appointment
  • if you have a travelling companion with you
  • if you need extra assistance
  • if you have any appliances with you

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